A meatless sauce (red) is available upon request at no additional charge.
 With Bread

Bread, Tossed Salad

Penne Alfredo
penne pasta noodles with a creamy white alfredo sauce. Fantastic with chicken. (add 1.00 per person)
6.95 7.95
Homemade with 3 layers, 3 combined cheeses and meat sauce.
6.75 7.75
Cheese Ravioli
Pillows of ravioli squares filled with cheese, served with meat sauce. (a meatless sauce is available upon request and is excellent with cheese ravioli.)
6.35 7.35
Beef Ravioli
Pillows of ravioli squares filled with beef,served with meat sauce.
6.35 7.35
Penne pasta with mozzarella cheese,served with meat sauce.
6.25 7.25
Traditional spaghetti with meat sauce.
Please note: not recommended for large group caterings, difficult to serve.
6.00 7.00
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"The Fine Print"

Prices are per person;

(example: 100 lasagna, sweet bread and salad = $775.00+tax service/delivery)

Also available, upon request: plates, forks, knives, spoons, napkins and condiments. If available chafing dish (warmer). Warmers are $10 each and you may keep them. Serving utensils may also be provided.

Delivery may be included depending on time, date and quantity. Delivery fee on any orders of $200 or more is already included in the 15% Tax/Service charge/Delivery. An additional $25 delivery fee may apply to orders under $200.

We are equipped to handle just about any size event.

If a combination of Lasagna, Ravioli, Spaghetti or Mostaccioli is requested, servings must be in increments of 24 per pasta choice.

*ATT: If you are tax exempt, we will supply you with a receipt showing that you paid sales tax so that you can file a return.

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